( The Tree of Life ) pronounced Thuya
The Purpose
(purpose is central to a good life)

  Improvisation is at the core of Thuja's musical energy,
it's essence is audacious and humble,
daring but respectful, inviting and enticing,
like Life,
like the Tree of Life,
each moment is different, each moment is unusual,
each moment is familiar, each moment is uncovered,
each moment is new.
Thuja purifies.
Use it in smudge  sticks, incense and sweat lodges.
The scent is said to enhance psychic powers. 
The oils used to make the whole house smell clean and sweet.
Used for: Purification, Health and Healing, Luck, Good Fortune, Happiness, Banishing, Releasing, Exorcism, Money and Riches, Justice, Protection, Harmony, Peace.    Also Called: Cedarwood, Tree of Life, Arbor Vitae.
for the Preservation of
Rural Metchosin
Beneficial uses
In this incarnation
Thuja consisted of:
Nowick, Chris, Silas, Bernie, Axel and Eugene.
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*                *
Victoria's Second annual
Festival of Peace.
In this incarnation
Thuja consisted of:
Nowick, Chris, Gary,
Jake, Jim, and Eugene.
Life constantly improvises itself,
we often try box it in,
but it evades us.
*  *  *
Remember to improvise,
in life
and with life.
So that one day,
you might be able
to dance with it,
before it slips away!
Nowick Gray
Chris Overseas
Bernie Rattlefinger
To the
Festival's performance.
Nowick Gray
Chris Overseas
Gary Johnson
Jim Kragtwyk
Jake Grant
To the performance
in Metchosin
Two 30 second
video clips
from the
Festival of Peace